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Tea Garden at Top Station, Munnar, Kerala

Recently I visited Munnar in Kerala, India. I was spellbound by the beauty and serenity of the place. The lush green tea gardens, narrow hilly roads, cool climate and beautiful dams took me to a different world. It’s a small town with beautiful landscapes in abundance.

We decided to take an auto rickshaw to explore the place and our decision couldn’t have been better. Our auto rickshaw driver was way better than any tourist guide (and spoke good English). He stopped at various sightseeing points just for us. After hours of wandering, we got tired but not him (phew!). He even dropped me to a nice spa centre, ah! (God bless him).

As all good things must come to an end, we also left Munnar. But wait! Apparently, all good things in Kerala follow you wherever you go because, when we moved to Alleppey the next day, we witnessed beauty in another form (beaches!). I realised why Kerala is called “God’s Own Country”.


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