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Well, I wanted to run straight and jump into the water. No, it wasn’t hot. I simply wanted to feel the cool azure water on my skin. I wanted to suck in the cool breeze in the process of inhaling vigorously during the run. I wanted the strong winds to play around with my hair. It was such a beautiful day and sight at the Belle Isle Park, Detroit. The clouds were right on top of my head-clear and white. I could almost touch them. Or probably eat them because they looked so much like the off-white candy floss you see in the candy shops.

I spent hours just sitting there soaking up in the beauty of my surrounding. It was so quiet, I could almost hear my heart beating (because of running). I then walked over to the Belle Isle Beach and enjoyed the Detroit skyline. There were many black Americans dancing and laughing their heart out. They are such a cheerful group. My day went by in introspection.


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