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  1. ID proof – They will ask for it at the airport.
  2. Feeding Bottle – You need to feed the baby during take off and landing to avoid discomfort due to air pressure. (Or breastfeed, if you can).
  3. Extra set of clothes (You will need them at all times)
  4. DO NOT keep a packet full of diapers (occupies extra space), rather buy them at a local departmental store. Keep a few, just for a day or two.
  5. Bibs and washcloth (they are cute but, they are a messy bunch)
  6. Wet wipes (for cleaning piss and poop).
  7. Hand and mouth wet wipes (for cleaning their soft face and hands).
  8. Dry tissues (these are a multi-purpose bunch).
  9. Diaper disposal bags (to dispose off diapers and keeping soiled clothes).
  10. Diaper rash cream (to sooth their itchy bum ;)).
  11. Easy-to-carry toys
  12. Changing mat (A MUST can’t let your baby lie down on a dirty surface)
  13. Footwear (comfortable ones) & socks.
  14. Infant food
  15. Towel and toileteries ( Shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush).
  16. For girls – rubber bands
  17. Favourite blanket
  18. An insulated flask to store boiled water.
  19. Baby meds.

This sounds like a lot of stuff, but it all fits into a little duffel travel bag.  Thankfully infant/toddler stuff is still mostly pretty small.  What type of things do you pack for your kiddo on trips?  


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